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Preston is a robotic "cyber-dog" that fulfills the role of antagonist in Nick Park's claymation feature, Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave. He was originally created by the father of Wendolene Ramsbottom as a companion for her, but somehow turned out evil and started up a sheep rustling scam during a wool shortage in order to keep Wendolene's wool shop going. He would later discover the plans for Wallace's Wash-O-Matic machine and have it converted into a Wool-O-Matic for rapid sheep fleecing. He would also start making his own line of dog food with a Mutton-O-Matic machine that he used to dispose of t

Preston without his fake fur coat

he sheep he rustled up. When Wallace & Gromit interfered with his plan, Preston tried to kill them - and his owner Wendolene - by tying them up and putting them on the conveyor for his mincing machine. Both Gromit and Shaun the Sheep managed to stop him by knocking the robot into the mincer, crushing him. Preston would appear later on having been reassembled on a trolley, this time behaving like a real dog.