Primus's physical form as imagined in The War Within

The entity known as Primus is the creator-god of the Transformer race. He was created by an entity known as The One, which split in half its first creation Unicron to bring his brother into being. These two beings represented the basic concepts of reality - good and evil, order and chaos - with Primus being the embodiment of order. Primus and Unicron were appointed by the One to explore the newborn universe, but the corrupt Unicron wished only to destroy all that lay before him. Primus decided that it was up to him to stop Unicron from threatening all of creation, but he could not overcome his brother in combat until shifting their struggle into the astral plane, and then shifting back. By doing this, the brothers' essences were manifested in two metallic planetoids, trapping them. Primus had hoped that this sacrifice would put an end to Unicron's evil forever, but over time Unicron learned to sonically mold and craft his form into a giant, mechanical planet that was capable of transforming into a tremendous robotic form. Primus would follow suit, his body becoming the mechanical world known as Cybertron. Rather than forming a transforming, mobile body like Unicron's, Primus created thirteen soldiers: robots capable of changing shape, each blessed with a spark - a portion of Primus's very essence. A climactic battle took place between Unicron and the Thirteen, which ended with one of the Thirteen and Unicron being banished into a black hole and disappearing from reality. With Unicron gone, Primus entered an eons-long slumber, cutting his mental link with his brother. As Primus slept, the Transformers living upon his body grew, their creator's name fading into legend. A portion of Primus's power - the Matrix of Leadership - remained on Cybertron as the Transformers' lasting connection with their creator, and has been passed on through generations of Autobot leaders.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Creation - Primus is literally a god and created the Transformers from a fragment of his own essence.
  • Godly Wisdom - Primus may well be the wisest being in all of creation, and is manifest in the form of the Matrix.
  • Astral Entity - As a god, Primus does not require a physical body and exists primarily on the astral plane, where he commands power beyond mortal comprehension.
  • Multiversal Singularity - There is only one Primus in the entire Transformers multiverse, but he can actually exist in every reality at once.
  • Robot Mode - Primus has had various physical manifestations throughout the multiverse, usually as the planet Cybertron itself. In the event that Primus awakens from his slumber, Cybertron can transform into a colossal humanoid robot with power rivalling that of Unicron.