Prowl is the military strategist for the Autobots and a close advisor to Optimus Prime. Before the war with the Decepticons, Prowl was the captain of Autobot Security Services in Cybertron's capital of Iacon. He has personally known several of the Primes who served on the Autobot Council and whilst he had a hand in enforcing their corrupt laws, he did not question them and simply carried out his duties.

As a military strategist, Prowl possesses an unmatched sense of logic and is forever calculating how to reach the best possible outcome for any given scenario. This has made him somewhat of a social outcast and he is generally disliked by his fellow Autobots.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

  • Logic Center - Prowl and analyze any combat situation in an instant and make the most appropriate countermeasure in half a second.
  • Alternate Mode - Prowl transforms into a Nissan 350Z police car.
  • Acid Pellet Rifle - Prowl carries a semi-automatic rifle that fires pellets filled with highly corrosive acid. This weapon is primarily used to disarm foes, but a shot to the right target area can deliver fatal damage.
  • Thermal Missiles - Prowl can launch two wire-guided incendiary missiles from the cannons on his shoulders.


  • Although Prowl's rifle is supposed to fire acid pellets, it has often been shown in comics and animation to fire laser beams. This detail is common amongst most Transformers series and characters.
  • In the 1986 animated Transformers movie, Prowl was shot dead by the Constructicon Scavenger early on in the film.