Quick Man (DWN-012) is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily and one of the eight selectable bosses in Mega Man 2. Supposedly he was based on the design for Elec Man, but he has no electric-based powers. As his name suggests, he can move at great speeds and is extremely agile. According to his profile in the Megaman Megamix manga, he only appears to move at super-speed because his actual power is accelerating time around his immediate proximity. He launches small boomerang cutters from his right forearm and has occasionally wielded a large boomerang-shaped blade for close combat.


  • Super Speed - Quick Man's top speed is revealed in the Megaman Megamix manga to move around four times the speed of light, although Flash Man is quick to point out that without his "trickery", it'd only be around 2.5 times the speed of light.
  • Quick Boomerang - Small boomerang cutters are fired from a launcher on his forearm. Mega Man is able to copy this weapon.
  • Quick Blade - A large, boomerang-shaped sword. Quick Man has only used this in the Megamix manga.


  • Crash Bomber - Crash Man's bombs can inflict heavy damage on Quick Man's lightweight frame, shattering his external plating and loosening his interior components.
  • Time Stopper - Flash Man's Time Stopper ability reduces the speed of light to near zero, which results in Quick Man's mass increasing and creates a powerful gravitational effect that can crush him.