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Raiden (real name Segata, first name unknown) is a member of the Japanese Special Security Forces in the anime OVA Angel Cop. Highly trained in detective skills and anti-terrorist operations and possessing a strong sense of justice, Raiden was a credit to his team. However, during the events of the OVA, Raiden was severely injured when he and his partner Angel were pursuing the communist terrorist group, Red May. Raiden recieved gunshot wounds to his left arm and had his spine broken in several places after the Red May's getaway van reversed into his motorcycle. Angel abandoned Raiden to continue chasing the terrorists, leaving him paralyzed and in terrible pain. The injured agent was later recovered by cyberneticist Dr. Ichihara, who took him back to his research institute and had him remade into a powerful cyborg soldier.

After being enhanced, Raiden was put to the test against the Hunters: a group of psychic vigilantes with incredible powers. He resisted a psychic attack easily and could shrug off bullets, and would later demonstrate exceptional strength and combat prowess well beyond what he was capable of before his enhancement. Although SSF chief Taki was opposed to Ichihara's experiments, Raiden assured the chief that he had made the decision to undergo the process willingly and lucidly. He continued to aid the Special Security Force as they investigated the corrupt politicians responsible for the H-File, and personally fought against the beserk Hunter known as Lucifer. Even with all of his new abilities, Raiden could only take so much punishment from Lucifer's attack and was heavily damaged. In the end, he sacrificed himself to stop the murderous psychic by grabbing her and ordering Angel to shoot him with a special Magnum gun, causing him to explode and ripping Lucifer to pieces in the process.

Cybernetic SystemsEdit

  • Body Armour - Raiden's body plating was made from highly durable multi-function ceramics. Small arms would have no effect and the armour was even capable of withstanding direct hits from rocket launchers.
  • Life-Support Systems - Two large battery packs are contained beneath Raiden's chestplate that supply power to his artificial systems as well as sustain his organic components.
  • Armaments - Raiden carries a variety of weapons, most notably his specially-designed Magnum pistol. The gun packs extreme firepower equivelent to an anti-tank rifle and the recoil is so strong that it can break a normal man's arm. Raiden also has a laser pistol built into his right hand that can easily burn through concrete.
  • Anti-Psychic Membrane - Raiden's armour is coated in a substance that is toxic to psychic combatants. It was this that ultimately allowed him and Angel to kill Lucifer. After Angel shot Raiden with a Super-Magnum, his body exploded and toxic shards of his armour tore through Lucifer's body, killing her.