Ramjet is a member of the Decepticon Seeker brigade and a reckless aerial combatant. He likes to make the skies his own by intentionally crashing into anything that enters his airspace. Upon casual observation, one would think Ramjet is suicidal, but he is built to withstand crashing head on into 3-foot solid concrete. He cares not for strategy, nor does he care for neutral parties or innocent bystanders - he will happily kill any of them.


  • Alternate Mode - Like the other Seekers, Ramjet transforms into an F-15 Eagle and can fly in either jet mode or robot mode.
  • Nosecone Ram - In jet mode, Ramjet's nosecone can withstand most high velocity impacts. The rest of his body is not quite as durable, but still very strong.
  • Laser Rifles - Ramjet carries a laser rifle attached to each arm.
  • Cluster Bombs - Cluster bomb launchers are concealed within Ramjet's chest and legs.