The Ratula assault mech is a sophisticated mobile weapon system that appears in the Dominion Tank Police anime created by Masamune Shirow. Details behind its creation are not precisely specified in the anime, but it was most likely created by the Dainippon Giken Research Corporation, who are the main antagonists of the New Dominion series. It resembles a large robotic spider and is highly maneauverable, capable of sliding on to vertical and horizontal surfaces with ease and travelling along them at high speeds. It is a formidable opponent out in the open and also in enclosed spaces. Its high maneauverability sacrifices physical strength, however, its armour is light and can only take so much damage. A single hit from a tank shell is enough to disable it.


  • Sensors - The Ratula's infra-red scanners can detect enemy heat signatures.
  • Vulcan Cannon - The Ratula carries a rapid-fire vulcan machine gun that can shred through most vehicles.
  • Laser Cannon - The laser weapon is capable of carving through tank armour easily. Water will refract the beam, however, so firing it under heavy rainfall (or inside a building with the fire sprinklers on) will render the weapon useless.
  • Atmospheric Launcher - The Ratula's most devastating weapon. It can fireshells that when combined with argon will have a powerful reaction, creating an enormous multi-directional blast that will incinerate everything within its radius.