Ravage is a devious Decepticon covert operative and one of Soundwave's Mini-Cassette force. No Decepticon has shown greater loyalty to Megatron's cause than Ravage, nor higher success rate in their missions. Ravage is a spy and saboteur of the highest order, thriving in darkness and eliminating his targets with the utmost efficiency. Amongst the Decepticons, Ravage is proud and aloof and communicates little with any of his comrades, except for Soundwave.


  • Stealth - Stealth is what Ravage is all about. He can obscure himself from sight completely in any shadow, his footsteps are completely soundless and he can dampen electromagnetic signals within his proximity.
  • Robot Mode - Out of cassette mode, Ravage has the appearance of a feline predator such as a panther or jaguar. A most appropriate shape, given his aloof personality and unmatched wit and guile.
  • Sensors - Ravage possesses hyper-acute senses of sight, hearing and even smell. His finely-tuned optics are very sensitive to bright light and he can be blinded if exposed to strong light sources.
  • Proton Bombs - The missiles on Ravage's hind quarters can deliver low-radiation payloads of up to a megaton. They have a maximum range of three miles and can be set to explode on impact or a timed detonation.