Like Reaper troop transports, Processor ships are mentioned but never seen in Mass Effect 3. They are not sentient either, they are remotely controlled by Reaper capital ships. Processors are ground-based mobile fortresses that are stationed on occupied planets to harvest their populations. Several of these walking charnel houses are established on Earth where thousands of captured humans are brought in for scheduled slaughter. Human victims selected for harvesting are sealed within one-man pods that are designed to prevent auditory or visual contact between individuals. The victims' bodies are then broken down into a fluidic substance that is used in the construction of 'newborn' Reapers, and the subjects' minds are preserved to form the new Reaper's gestalt consciousness. Individuals deemed unsuitable for harvesting are turned into Husks: cybernetic zombies that the Reapers use as ground forces for rounding up more victims.

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