Ring Man (DWN-029) is one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 4. Dr. Cossack created Ring Man specifically to fight and destroy Mega Man according to the games continuity, but in Megaman Megamix Ring Man's profile states that he was originally designed to be a police robot, investigating the increasing number of robot-related crimes. He was built with additional safety protocols so as to prevent him from breaking the Laws of Robotics, though Dr. Wily deleted these protocols when he reprogrammed him.

  • Weapon: Ring Boomerang - A ring-shaped boomerang with virtually unlimited range. Capable of incapacitating human criminals or destroying robots quickly and cleanly.
  • Weakness: Pharoah Shot - Ring Man was not designed to withstand high levels of heat and concentrated blasts of thermal energy can cause terminal damage to his systems.