In the Sonic the Hedgehog comics published by Archie Comics, Robians are Mobian anthromorphs that have been subjected to the Roboticizer. Their flesh and bones are transmuted into minerals and circuitry and their minds are supressed by Dr. Robotnik's mental programming, eliminating their free will and making them obedient robotic slaves. During the First Robotnik War, Robotnik Prime had enslaved most of the population of Mobius in this manner, turning the people into a loyal, tireless workforce. Upon his death, most of the Robians regained their free will, but still could not be restored to flesh and blood. It was only during the rise of the Eggman Empire that the Robian population was reverted to normal, thanks to a planetwide de-robotization effect put in place by the Bem. Recently, during the comic's Genesis story arc, Dr. Eggman somehow 'reset' the universe using his new Death Egg II. Although reality seemed to snap back into place, the de-robotization effect and the immunity it offered was cancelled out. Now Eggman is capable of roboticizing people again, and he has made a start with Freedom Fighter leader, Princess Sally Acorn.

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