RoboCop is a super-human cyborg police officer from the film franchise of the same name. Designed by Omni Consumer Products (OCP), RoboCop was intended to represent the future of law enforcement during a dramatic rise in criminal activity across America. The project bore fruit following the brutal murder of Detroit police officer Alex Murphy, whose remains were salvaged and integrated into a computerised mechanical body.

Alex MurphyEdit

Alex Murphy was an Old Detroit cop and a family man. He loved the law and was one of the few cops in the city who refused to accept corruption within the force. One day, Murphy and his partner Anne Lewis raided an abandoned steel mill in order to apprehend ruthless urban terrorist, Clarence Boddicker. The operation was a set-up, however, all part of OCP's plan to obtain a candidate for the RoboCop project. Lewis was knocked unconscious and Murphy was cornered inside the mill, where Boddicker and his gang savagely mutilated him with continuous gunfire. Boddicker finished off Murphy with a pistol shot to the head.

Murphy's body is later recovered and he is pronounced dead, then OCP take the body to use for their project. Murphy's brain tissue and his face are salvaged and grafted to the mechanical exoskeleton; the brain is wired to the machine's computer core, and RoboCop is born.


RoboCop is programmed with three prime directives:-

1. Serve the public trust.

2. Protect the innocent.

3. Uphold the law.

RoboCop was also programmed with a hidden fourth directive: he cannot arrest any senior OCP executive. This contribution to the RoboCop project was provided by OCP executive Dick Jones, who secretly employed Clarence Boddicker and other Detroit criminals as part of his scheme to climb OCP's corporate ladder. Although the OCP president is later made aware of this, no steps are taken to delete the fourth directive.

Finally, although RoboCop is programmed to be the perfect police, he still retains much of his memory from before his brutal shooting. He is frequently plagued by flashbacks of his wife and son, and for a time even watched them from a distance, until OCP and the department reminded him that he was essentially stalking them. One day, Murphy was even reunited with his wife, but told her that her husband was dead and that he was merely a machine with a man's face.


RoboCop's body is encased in bulletproof titanium-steel armour, giving him excellent resistance to most weapons. His physical strength allows him to pick up a full grown man singlehandedly and smash through brick walls. He is armed with an Auto-9, a handgun designed specifically for his own use. The gun fires a burst of 3 9mm rounds with every pull of the trigger and holds a capacity of 50 rounds. The gun is kept in a holster built into Robocop's right thigh.