Robot Masters are advanced robots that serve as the bosses of the Classic Mega Man series. In the beginning, six Robot Masters were created by Dr. Light and his colleague Dr. Wily to head special construction projects. However, the jealous Dr. Wily - tired of the lack of appreciation compared to Light - decided to steal the original six Masters and reprogram them to serve him. Turned into deadly fighting machines, the Robot Masters began launching attacks across Monstropolis as Dr. Wily commanded that the governments of the world surrender to him. Thanks to the valiant efforts of Mega Man, the Masters were defeated and Dr. Wily's scheme was ruined. Though the original six only made occasional non-canon game appearances after the first Mega Man game, they have made several appearances in manga and comics which have depicted them as being restored to their original programming by Dr. Light, and have even helped Mega Man in future battles against Dr. Wily.

Since the first game, Dr. Wily has created dozens of his own Robot Masters with which to destroy Mega Man and conquer the world. Each Master has their own special abilities to give them an edge in combat, and Mega Man's Copy Chip allows him to steal some of these abilities so that he can battle other Robot Masters with less difficulty.

List of Robot MastersEdit

Mega ManEdit

The "DLN" in the robots' serial numbers stands for "Doctor Light Number", indicating that the robot was created by Dr. Light. In Japan, Dr. Light is called Dr. Right, so the initial L is changed to R.

Mega Man 2Edit

"DWN" stands for "Doctor Wily Number", indicating that the robot was created by Dr. Wily.

Mega Man 3Edit

Mega Man 4Edit

Even though the Mega Man 4 Robot Masters were created by Dr. Mikhail Cossack, the Global Robotics Union has registered them as Wily Numbers since they were working for Dr. Wily at the time. Technically, their serial code should be "DCN".

Mega Man 5Edit

Mega Man 6Edit

The Mega Man 6 Robot Masters were not actually created by Dr. Wily, but by various of other roboticists of different countries. However, they re listed as Wily Numbers by the Global Robotics Union due to them working, albeit not willingly, with Dr. Wily. As such their true serial number are unknown.

Mega Man 7Edit

Mega Man 8Edit

Mega Man & BassEdit

"KGN" stands for "King Group Number", meaning that all the Robot Masters in Mega Man & Bass were working for the robot warrior, King.

Mega Man 9Edit

Mega Man 10Edit

The Mega Man 10 Robot Masters are listed as Wily Number due to them working under Wily. They were actually created by different companies/roboticists.