The Roboticizer is a machine from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics published by Archie Comics, and also the SatAM and Sonic Underground cartoon shows. In the comics and SatAM series, the device was invented by Sonic the Hedgehog's uncle, Sir Charles Hedgehog. Its purpose was to repair/replace damaged parts of the body and save people from terminal illnesses and age. However, its function was perverted by Dr. Robotnik, who stole the invention and used it to turn Mobians into mindless robot slaves. The precise science behind the Roboticizer is never made clear, other than that it transmutes flesh and bone into metal and circuitry and forcefully surpresses the subject's consciousness, overwriting it with computer programming and making the subject completely obedient to Robotnik.


  • Mobians who have been roboticized serve as 'worker-bots' in Robotnik's domain. They are normally referred to as Robians.
  • The aliens known as the Bem possess similar Robotizer technology and have used it to robotize alien animals and even de-robotize the Robian population of Mobius. When they did this, the effect was permanent and Dr. Eggman has been unable to re-roboticize anyone (including himself) since.
  • The Archie incarnation of Eggman had long ago roboticized himself and his original body has since been destroyed. Even though his last body was artificially constructed, the Bem were still able to make him human again. Despite being able to turn a construct into an organic being, they were unable to de-robotize Sonic's father Jules Hedgehog, claiming that de-robotizing him would restore the injuries he recieved in the Great War and kill him. How this works has never been explained and is likely an oversight on the part of the Sonic comic's writers.
  • In Sonic Underground, the Roboticizer's history is never investigated. It can be assumed that Dr. Robotnik invented the device himself in this continuity. Also, the SU Roboticizer doesn't always completely turn victims into robots, but partially mechanizes their bodies and thus making them cyborgs.

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