Roll (DLN-002) is a recurring character from the Mega Man franchise. She is a household robot created by Dr. Light, who regards her as his own daughter. This means she is also Rock's (Mega Man's) sister.

Overview Edit

Roll has a charming and kind personality. She has a tendency to interrupt Dr. Light's work when she is concerned for his health or the state of uncleanliness in his laboratory. She does not approve of her brother Rock's decision to be upgraded for combat, but accepts his choice and is willing to help him out in any way that she can. As a household robot, Roll's job is to keep Dr. Light's home and lab tidy and to prepare meals and such. She is always happy to help her 'father' in whatever way she can and shares his dream of a world where robots work alongside humans as brothers rather than just tools for human convenience.

On the surface, Roll appears completely human with virtually no mechanical details to her outer physiology. This has sometimes led to confusion from others as to whether or not she is Dr. Light's blood relative.


  • Roll has engaged in combat as an unlockable character in the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting games.
  • It is unknown what became of Roll as the Mega Man series timeline progressed into the Mega Man X series.