Rumble G1
Rumble is part of the Decepticon Mini-Cassette force under Soundwave. As a spy, he lacks the proper attitude and skills. His specialty is in demolitions; he uses his twin piledrivers to create tremors that will bring any standing targets crumbling to the ground. As a Decepticon soldier, Rumble's small size makes him considerably weaker than his comrades, but that doesn't stop him from throwing himself into a good fight. He's a punk in the truest sense of the word who fights without discipline and loves to play dirty.


  • Twin Machine Guns - Rumble carries two machine guns on his back that he can wield singlehandly.
  • Piledrivers - Rumble's arms can transform into pneumatic pistons that hammer the ground with enough force to trigger earthquakes. He can also use them in close combat to pulverize Autobots several times his size.