SWATbots are robotic foot soldiers created by Dr. Robotnik and were a common threat in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics and the SatAM Sonic TV show. They are the primary units of Robotnik's army and could be found everywhere in Robotropolis and Robotnik's other territories. In the Archie comics, SWATbots were lean humanoid robots with dome-shaped heads. They had a horizontal optic visor and spikes jutting out from their heads, shoulders and ankles. In the comics, they were coloured grey and white, but in the SatAM cartoon they were black all over. They could be found patrolling the streets of Robotropolis, guarding Dr. Robotnik's facilities or patrolling the city's airspace in Hoverpods. They were armed with wrist-mounted laser blasters but would often carry rifles as well.