In the animated sci-fi sitcom Futurama, the legendary mythical figure known as Santa Claus was made a reality by the Friendly Robot Company in the year 2801. This robotic Santa was intended to give out presents every Christmas (which is actually spelt AND pronounced X-mas in the future) by determining who had been naughty or nice throughout the year. Something went wrong with its programming, however, and Santa's standards were set impossibly high. He judges anyone and everyone to be naughty, brutally attacking anyone who's out on the street when he flies over in his sleigh (which is pulled by evil robot reindeer). Ever since his creation, Santa has tarnished his namesake's legend by committing wanton destruction and mass murder every X-mas Eve. He is based on the planet Neptune, where he resides in an icy fortress monitoring the goings-on of the peoples of Earth. Like the ancient mythological figure, this Santa has a workforce of elves (actually Neptunians who suffer stunted growth due to starvation), though these slaves do very little since Santa doesn't need them to make toys.

Features and CapabilitiesEdit

  • Computerized List - Santa has a digital list in his computer brain, which undergoes 50 mega-checks a second.
  • Limitless Arsenal - Santa has a ridiculous variety of weapons at his disposal, including a laser tommy-gun, a T.O.W. missile launcher, even a bicycle gun.
  • Paradox-absorbing Crumple Zones - Unlike other robots which will self-destruct if confused by a logical paradox, Santa seems to be able to immediately produce a new head should his current one explode.