Scarface is a Reploid warrior and a Cadre of the Rebellion Army in Mega Man X: Command Mission. He resembles a knight and serves as the bodyguard and right-hand man of Epsilon. He is deeply supportive of Epsilon's ideals and has a strong sense of honour.

History Edit

In Chapter 9, he attacks Central Tower by himself after the Hunters leave the Melda Ore Plant, believing they had taken the Supra-Force Metal from the missile. Interestingly, Scarface never killed a single Reploid that attacked him at the Central Tower base - as a matter of fact, only if someone assaulted him would Scarface himself retaliate. Even further, after X and company intercept and fend off his attack, they encounter a damaged Reploid who reveals that despite the fact that he attacked Scarface, the Reploid knight showed him mercy and even healed him. All this shows that he doesn't like to kill unless it is necessary, and demonstrates that he was simply there for the Supra-Force Metal.

The encounter with Scarface, while confusing X as to why the Rebellion would want to mess around with the Supra-Force Metal, also causes X to finally start to wonder how Maverick the Rebellion Army truly was. Upon his defeat, Scarface returns to the Rebellion headquarters at the Grave Ruins Base, where he takes a final stand against X with Epsilon watching in the facility's Hall of Glory. However, Scarface's pleas for Epsilon to escape as he holds back the Hunters wind up in vain, as immediately after Scarface painfully exclaims "Glory to the Rebellion!" upon his end, Epsilon then engages the Hunters and loses the ensuing battle.

Abilities Edit

  • Plasma Lance - Scarface's signature weapon is a lance that produces energy spikes.
  • Ultra Giga Thunder - An electrical attack that strikes all party members.
  • Tera Thunder - A powerful electrical attack that strikes one target.
  • Plasma Ball - Scarface fires a blast of plasma energy that delivers heavy electrical damage to one target.
  • Plasma Array - A volley of plasma strikes that deals moderate electrical damage to all party members and can inflict Bind.
  • Electro Breaker - Scarface absorbs 20% of the party's health.