Scrapbrainzoneact2 shot2

Scrap Brain as seen in Sonic 1

The Scrap Brain Zone is a twisted mechanical maze that served as the final stage in the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. In the games' chronology, this place was Dr. Eggman's first base of operations when he began plotting his conquest of the world. Located on South Island, Scrap Brain was a hellish industrial complex the size of a small city. Animals abducted from all over the island would be brought here and converted into Badniks that served Eggman's purposes. The complex was filled with all manner of traps and devices to confound Sonic: crushing weights, conveyor belts, buzzsaws, electric pylons, flamethrowers and trap doors that opened up into bottomless pits. When Sonic first encountered Eggman here, he was cast down into Scrap Brain's sewers (which resembled a gray version of the Labyrinth Zone stage) that was filled with spike traps and polluted water. Sonic managed to escape this area and fought Dr. Eggman while he operated a series of crushing presses to flatten the hedgehog. Sonic managed to destroy the machine and Eggman fled, leaving the Scrap Brain Zone abandoned.

Sonic the ComicEdit

The Scrap Brain Zone has also featured in two issues of Sonic the Comic. Dr. Robotnik would sometimes spend time there during his rule over Mobius, relaxing in the mechanical garden or sentencing failed Badniks to be melted down for scrap. It was in Scrap Brain that the robot Terra-Droid had constructed the Green Eater, a machine that could destroy all plant life on Mobius. Of course, this plain was thwarted by Sonic.

Archie SonicEdit

The Scrap Brain Zone also featured in Archie Sonic's Genesis story arc. Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Rotor managed to survive the many hazards within the zone and defeat Eggman's crushing machine at the end.

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