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The third model of Sentinel robots were created by Dr. Stephen Lang, a scientist who was researching mutant abilities under order of the United States government. What the government were unaware of was that Lang was an anti-mutant bigot who wanted to wipe out mutantkind. Ironically, Lang's research was funded by the Council of the Chosen Ones, a division of the mutant extremist group, the Hellfire Club. The Council provided enough money for Lang to build an orbital space station and a new Sentinel army, apparently ignorant of the doctor's intentions. Because of the secret nature of his work, Lang was unable to hire enough experts to work with him. He also worked with incomplete notes left behind by the Trasks, the Sentinels original creators, and thus his line of Sentinels turned out to be inferior to the previous models.


  • Strength - Capable of lifting up to 20 tons.
  • Flight - Rocket boosters in feet allow sustained flight.
  • Sensors - Genetic scanners could differentiate between humans and mutants.
  • Weapons - Various energy beams, including concussive, plasma, and disentegrators fired from their palms.
  • Atmo-Sphere - An energy field that can trap and contain about six subjects. Subjects are protected within a life-support bubble so that they can be carried through space.