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Shadow Androids are robotic replicants of the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog. Created by Dr. Eggman, these androids were produced from the data that the doctor obtained from the real Shadow after his fall from the Space Colony ARK in Sonic Adventure 2. Though Shadow was presumed dead following the ARK incident, Eggman managed to find his body and preserved it in stasis while he conducted research to produce a new series of robots with which to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog. When his research was completed, Eggman abandoned his laboratory and left Shadow in his stasis pod. After establishing his Egg Fleet, the doctor assembled his new Shadow Android army in secret aboard his Final Fortress. During the events of Sonic Heroes, Team Dark discovered the androids aboard the Final Fortress still in stasis, but apparently no action was taken to destroy them. When the Black Arms invaded during Shadow the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman finally decided to mobilize the Shadow Androids to help fight against the alien menace. After the invasion, the androids were never seen again and were presumably all destroyed by the real Shadow and traitorous Eggman robot, E-123 Omega.


The Shadow Androids look identical to Shadow and behave in a similar manner. They do not quite match his speed, but they possess excellent reflexes and can perfectly deflect any physical attack Shadow makes toward them. They do not possess Shadow's Chaos powers, but they do carry heavy firepower; they can launch missiles from their palms which deliver heavy damage and can be fired in quick succession. Although close range attacks don't work on them, they are still vulnerable to firearms such as rifles and lasers. How Sonic would have fared against the androids can only be guessed at since he never actually encountered them himself, but in all likelihood wouldn't have had too much trouble with them, given his record of destroying Eggman's machines.