Shockwave is a cold, calculating Decepticon tactician and military operations commander. He has the most unique appearance among all Transformers; he has no face, save for a single yellow optic lens. He also rarely uses his alternate mode: a weapons platform which looks like a giant alien handgun.

As one would expect from a purely mechanical being, Shockwave is a creature ruled by logic. He does not relish battle like his Decepticon comrades but rather takes a scientific, analytical approach to warfare. While he is shown to be fiercely loyal to Megatron, he believes that Megatron's rage-fueled leadership is what holds the Decepticons back from their ultimate victory. According to his own logic, Shockwave believes that he should - and will - rightfully lead the Decepticons, and that he need only wait for the right opportunity to take Megatron's position and lead the Decepticons to victory over the Autobots.


  • Flight - Shockwave is capable of flight in either robot or ray-gun mode.
  • Alternate Mode - Shockwave transforms into a handgun-shaped energy weapon system, capable of firing explosive gamma rays, a disintegrating infrared laser and an electromagnetic pulse among other things. He has no Earth-based alternate mode and his gun mode's size remains consistent with his actual size.
  • X-Ray Vision - Shockwave can see through most forms of solid matter.
  • Radiowave Scrambler - Shockwave can disrupt radio transmissions and interfere with other forms of electronic communication.