Sideswipe is a cunning Autobot soldier who enjoys life on the edge and doing whatever is necessary to defeat his enemies for the sake of the Autobot cause. This was not always the case, however. Before war broke out on Cybertron, Sideswipe was a punk and petty criminal who was only out for himself. As the war escalated, he became drawn into the Autobots' struggle and brought his own brand of survival skills into the mix. He is willing to use anything, sink to the lowest of tactics in order to achieve Autobot victory. While Optimus Prime does not generally approve of Sideswipe's methods, he can tell that his spark is in the right place. Sideswipe has come a long way from being an antisocial delinquent struggling to carve out a living on the streets of Iacon and enjoys his new sense of purpose. Although he can be rash and makes reckless decisions, he has a good heart and the other Autobots get along well with him, unlike his brother Sunstreaker.


  • Alternate Mode - Sideswipe transforms into a Lamborghini Countach LP500S.
  • Flight - In robot mode, Sideswipe is equipped with a rocket pack that allows for two-minute spurts of flight before needing refueling.
  • Piledrivers - Sideswipe's arms can be used as piledrivers, each exerting 8000 pounds of force per impact at five impacts a second.
  • Laser Rifle - Sideswipe's main field weapon.
  • Flare Cannon - A shoulder-mounted cannon that fires magnesium phosphorous flares, capable of temporarily blinding Decepticons or signaling allies.