Gow3 silverback1

Silverbacks are combat-ready mech-suits that appear in the video game, Gears of War 3. Originally designed for loading cargo, the Silverback machines were modified by the COG military for battle during their war against the Locust Horde. Its offensive capabilities are significant; whilst mobile, it can mow down enemies with its minigun. When in cover mode, it becomes immobile and deploys shield plating for allied Gears soldiers to take cover behind and offer fire support. Also when in cover mode, it can switch to firing rockets and can launch four projectiles before needing to reload. The Silverback can easily turn the tide of battle, but its major drawback is its unarmoured back, which leaves the rider vulnerable from behind and reliant on fellow Gears to cover the rear. In Gears 3's Horde mode, the Silverback is the most costly of Gear fortifications. It takes $12,500 to buy one and is more expensive to repair depending on the level of damage it takes each wave.