Skywarp is a Decepticon warrior and a member of the elite Seekers brigade. His body structure is identical to Seekers Starscream and Thundercracker with a black and purple colour scheme. Skywarp's motto is "Don't think, just do it." He lives up to this motto well; he's not particularly bright and his combat skills lack tact, so he usually requires supervision to be effective as a warrior. Otherwise, Skywarp is a thug and a prankster who often uses his talents to play cruel jokes on allies and enemies alike. Although he is not the best soldier, Skywarp has shown unwavering devotion to Megatron and the Decepticon cause.


  • Alternate Mode - Like Starscream and Thundercracker, Skywarp transforms into an F-15 Eagle fighter jet.
  • Flight - Skywarp can fly in either robot or vehicle mode.
  • Teleportation - Skywarp is capable of instantly transporting anywhere within a 2.5 mile radius.
  • Weaponry - Skywarp's arsenal includes a variable-caliber machine gun and heat-seeking missiles.