Slingshot TFU

Slingshot is a member of the Autobots' air support sub-group, the Aerialbots. He functions as the team's ground support unit, a role which the other Aerialbots would say they have no need for. Whether that statement rings true or not doesn't matter, not so long as the team are able to distance themselves from Slingshot as long as feasibly possible.

Slingshot is not a 'bot that's easy to like. He is extremely egotistical and arrogant, bragging constantly over even the most trivial things. It could be that his brash attitude is a cover to try and hide his own feelings of inadequacy: Slingshot is the slowest of the Aerialbots and has an unorthodox method of flying that takes its toll on his systems, meaning he requires more maintenance than his comrades.


  • Alt-Mode - Slingshot transforms into a VTOL-capable Harrier jumpjet. While slower than the other Aerialbots, he makes up for it with his superior manoeuvrability.
  • Mortar Cannons - In jet mode, Slingshot possesses twin cannons with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Neutron Rifle - Slingshot's primary weapon in robot mode which shoots packets of neutrons at two hundred rounds per second. A short barrage can level a city block.
  • Gestalt Component - When combining with the other Aerialbots, Slingshot forms Superion's left arm.