If ever the Autobots had a dirty-dealing, cheating compulsive liar on their team, it would be Smokescreen. He's such a shifty character that even his ulterior motives may be covers for ulterior motives. It's quite astonishing that Smokescreen isn't a Decepticon.

Smokescreen is the Autobots' diversionary tactician, tasked with distracting enemy forces in battle, and he performs his duties exceptionally well. His duplicity is not just restricted to his work, either. He is highly charismatic and always knows the right thing to say, and his talent for easing secrets out of others allows him to charm his fellow Autobots into divulging certain concerns that they might be keeping from Optimus Prime. As manipulative and treacherous as Smokescreen is, he does what he does for the good of the Autobots.


  • Alt-Mode - Smokescreen transforms into a Nissan Fairlady Z.
  • Magnetic Smoke - In vehicle mode, Smokescreen can expel a cloud of smoke from his tailpipe that magnetizes toward metallic objects, such as enemy Decepticons.
  • Disruptor Rifle - Smokescreen's main field weapon fires electromagnetic bursts that disrupt electrical flow in mechanical objects.
  • Shard Missiles - Smokescreen's shoulder launchers fire projectiles that release clouds of tiny crystalline shards that interfere with surveillance and communication signals.