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Soundwave is the Decepticons' foremost communications specialist and Megatron's most loyal lieutenant. He is also a superb spy and soldier who tries to use everything he sees and hears toward advancing his own goals. The other Decepticons thoroughly dislike Soundwave because of the way he constantly sucks up to Megatron, but none of them dare say anything within his earshot without fearing some form of reprisal. Soundwave is always listening to everything around him and the other Decepticons know that he will use anything they say to blackmail them with later if he can. He desires one day to assume command of the Decepticons, but unlike Starscream he does not regularly boast about it and has no intention of stabbing Megatron in the back, merely waiting for the day that his mighty leader will one day fall in battle and leave control of the Decepticon empire to him.

Soundwave speaks in a monotonous, emotionless tone. The other Decepticons may call him dispassionate and uncharismatic, but he cares not what anyone thinks of him. Information is power and Soundwave hears everything, which grants him power over all the Decepticons... perhaps even Megatron.


  • Superior Senses - Soundwave can hear even the weakest of radio signals and can even observe the electrical impulses in others' brains, granting him foresight into their actions.
  • Communications - Soundwave acts as a relay station and can maintain the communications of all the Decepticons within a 100 mile radius of him.
  • Photographic Memory - Soundwave's memory is perfect; the magnetic disks in his chest possess an immense storage capacity.
  • Concussive Blaster - Soundwave's rifle fires blasts of concussive energy, disorienting or stunning his targets.
  • Alternate Mode - Soundwave transforms into a portable cassette micro-recorder and shrinks down accordingly when he transforms.


Soundwave carries a group of Mini-Cassettes with him everywhere he goes. They are all housed within his torso unit and each serve a different role in the Decepticon army.