CNCRA2 Terror Drones

Terror drones are spider-like, autonomous anti-armour robots used by the Soviet Union in the realtime strategy game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. They have spherical bodies that run around on four nimble legs at great speed, making them useful as scout units. Their primary function is to terrorize Allied encampments by attacking enemy vehicles. When an enemy vehicle is near, the terror drone will leap on to the vehicle and use its multiple cutting tools to tear its way inside, then proceed to rip the unit apart from within. It can also attack infantry units and kill them instantly.

Terror drones are physically very weak due to a total lack of armour plating and cannot take much damage, but they are very fast and agile, making them difficult to hit. As autonomous units, terror drones can function even if the factory that built them is destroyed. Being purely mechanical, they are also not succeptable to Yuri's mind control. They are useless in straight-forward conventional combat since they have no ranged weapons or armour, but a large enough swarm of drones can wreak serious havoc on an enemy battalion. They cannot effectively destroy Allied chrono-miners since the drones get left behind when the miners teleport back to their refineries. The drones can also be removed from vehicles by service depots.