MP Starscream book cover art
The treacherous Starscream is on of the most cunning warriors of the Decepticon army. He commands the Decepticons' air fleet and serves as Megatron's right-hand 'bot, a position he has consistently abused since achieving it. Before becoming a Decepticon Seeker, Starscream was a scientist and explorer. However, he had grown tired of the failing state of government on Cybertron and he shared Megatron's vision of changing Transformer society. Starscream earned the honour of being Megatron's lieutenant by helping to provide his fledging movement with weapons to combat the Autobot forces loyal to the Council. Despite the level of trust that Megatron had placed in him, he was not content and desired more power... and was willing to do anything to acquire it. Over the course of the Great War, Starscream has become obsessed with replacing Megatron as Decepticon leader. He has tried to snatch power at every opportunity and has jumped at the chance of leadership whenever Megatron has ever shown the slightest sign of weakness. He is overwhelmingly arrogant and has always been quite vocal about his desire to lead the Decepticons. Honestly, it's surprising that Megatron has bothered to keep Starscream around when he has been so openly rebellious. Although Starscream has occasionally gained temporary command of the Decepticons, they have not shown him the same level of respect and/or fear that Megatron demands of them.


  • Flight - Starscream is perhaps the best aerial combatant on Cybertron.
  • Alternate Mode - Starscream transforms into an F-15 Eagle fighter jet. In jet mode, he can achieve a top speed of Mach 2.8 and reach a sub-orbital height of 52 miles.
  • Null Ray - Starscream's signature weapon. The rifles attached to his arms can fire beams that disrupt the energy flow in any machinery, including Transformers, rendering them temporarily inoperable.
  • Cluster Bombs - Fired from cavities in his chest, Starscream's cluster bombs can flatten an area of 10,000 square feet.
  • Immortal Spark - For reasons unknown, Starscream's life-force is indestructible. He has died on a number of occasions, his body being destroyed but his Spark living on. His Spark can survive without a body supposedly forever, but he cannot interact with the physical plane without a body of his own or possessing another Transformer.