Stone Man (DWN-035) is one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 5. Dr. Wily made much of his outer body out of actual stone which is held in place by energy fields generated in his limbs and torso. If damaged, Stone Man is capable of reconstituting himself. He can use his control over stone to form rock and brick formations to assault enemies and defend himself.

Unknown to Dr. Wily, Stone Man is good friends with Guts Man, one of Dr. Light's Robot Masters.

Abilities Edit

  • Power Stone - Stone Man shields himself with stone formations that rotate around his body. He can also scatter them outward to damage his enemies. Mega Man can copy this ability.
  • High Jump - Stone Man can jump great heights despite his weight, which he will use to try and crush enemies. If he jumps too high, he will land so hard that he will fall apart; however, he can pull himself back together shortly after.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Napalm Bomb - Heavy explosions will blast Stone Man's externals apart and damage his internal systems, threatening his ability to reconstitute.
  • Water Wave - Water can disrupt Stone Man's mechanisms and prevent him from using his Power Stone attack.