Sunstreaker is an Autobot warrior and the brother of Sideswipe. His impeccable skills on the battlefield make him a valued asset... which may be the only reason the Autobots will have him. In battle, Sunstreaker is unmatched. Off the battlefield, however, he is egotistical, vain and antisocial. He considers himself better than the other Autobots and likes to make sure that the others know it. His arrogance tends to make him a social outcast and no Autobots like to interact with him, save for Sideswipe. The other Autobots surely wonder how Sunstreaker - who cannot stand having his paint job scratched or scuffed - can possibly go toe-to-toe with even the most brutal Decepticons and come out on top. However he does it is of no consequence, though, as the others know he will always have their backs when they need him.


  • Alternate Mode - Like his brother Sideswipe, Sunstreaker's Earth vehicle form is a Countach LP500S.
  • Polymer-steel Plating - Sunstreaker's body armour provides extra protection from artillery and ballistics.
  • SAM Launcher - A shoulder-mounted launcher lets Sunstreaker deploy 450 lbs TNT up to 37.5 miles into the air; easily enough to down a Decepticon Seeker.
  • Electron Rifle - Fires electron pulses at 300 bursts a second, capable of burning a 3-inch hole through .5 inch thick titanium steel alloy.