Terra-Droid is a gigantic humanoid robot created by Dr. Robotnik and appears in the fifteenth issue of Sonic the Comic in the Sonic story, The Green Eater. He's a 16-foot-tall machine with with an aggressive attitude and drives the Badnik slaves in the Scrap Brain Zone as they construct the Green Eater: a machine that will destroy all plant life on Mobius. Sonic the Hedgehog puts a stop to the Green Eater and battles Terra-Droid, who attacks Sonic with his electro-staff. Sonic manages to defeat Terra-Droid by spin-attacking the battery slot in his chest and pulling out the battery, causing Terra-Droid to power down and collapse.

Terra-Droid's body is later moved to the Emerald Hill Zone after the Green Eater has destroyed everyone's homes, and the robot is converted into a house. However, the house is never seen again throughout the comic.