"The Matrix" is a science fiction film trilogy created by sibling directors Andy and Larry Wachowski. The films are set in a dystopian future where humans are unknowingly enslaved by sentient machines that they themselves created. As far as the human race is aware, people continue to live ordinary lives in the world of the late 20th century, when in fact nearly all humans are sealed away inside mechanical pods and intrevenously fed nutrients to maintain their bodies while their minds exist within a virtual reality fashioned to resemble what we percieve as the modern world. In the 22nd century, humanity sowed the seeds of its own destruction by creating artificial intelligence, only for that same artificial life to rebel and, in an ironic twist, become dependent on humans to survive by using us as living fuel.

The story of the films revolves around Neo, a former resident of the Matrix, and a group of free humans who fight against the Machines in order to free the prisoners of the system. Neo himself is regarded as The One, a human born of the Matrix that is capable of altering the system as he chooses, and possesses powers that allow him to defy the Machines and change the rules of their system. Throughout the film trilogy, Neo struggles to live up to his destiny of saving the human race by battling against the sentient programs that dwell within the Matrix and the Machines in the real world threatening to destroy Zion, the last stronghold of free humans in the world.

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