The Decepticon Thrust is a member of the Seekers and one of the three "Conehead" jets along with Ramjet and Dirge. Like them, he transforms into an F-15 Eagle jet and is distinguished by his red body colour.

Thrust is a loud-mouth and very boastful. He likes his enemies to know he's coming and tries to frighten them with the roar of his engines. The truth is however that Thrust is all talk and no action: he is probably the weakest of the Seekers and often he will turn tail and run when a battle heats up.


  • Flight - Like all the Seekers, Thrust can fly at speeds surpassing Mach 2.
  • Air Rifles - Thrust's main weapons fire blasts of compressed air that can punch a hole through 1/4inch thick steel. from 1200 yards away.
  • Concussion Missiles - Thrust's missiles deliver concussive force that can shake a target apart with intense vibrations.