MMPR Thunder Megazord

The Thunder Megazord is the gigantic humanoid mecha formed by the fusion of the Thunderzords piloted by the original Power Rangers.


  • Red Dragon - After transforming into Warrior Mode, the Red Dragon Thunderzord provides the main body for the Megazord, with the other Zords acting as armour.
  • Lion - Forms the Thunder Megazord's chest plate, arms and helmet.
  • Firebird - Forms the Thunder Megazord's belt.
  • Griffin - Forms the left leg.
  • Unicorn - Forms the right leg.


  • Thunder Saber - The spear-like weapon that the Thunder Megazord uses to cut down monsters. It is carried in a scabbard on the Megazord's waist.
  • Thunder Haze - The large green sphere on the Thunder Megazord's chest can release a smokescreen to blind enemies and cause damage.