MMPR Thunderzords

The Thunderzords were the second set of Zords used by the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. After the Mighty Morphin' Dinozords were sealed into the Earth's core by Lord Zedd, Zordon and Alpha 5 were able to retrieve the damaged Zords and use their remains in the construction of five new Zords, though they were unable to provide a new Zord for Tommy at the time, as his powers were failing. The Rangers would use the Thunderzords from there on out and were later joined by Tommy, who had since become the White Ranger, armed with the White Tigerzord, and Zordon would later add Tor the Shuttlezord to the Rangers' weapon roster. Like their predecessors, the Thunderzords could combine to form a Megazord, as well as form an assault mode and combine with Titanus. Unfortunately, the Thunderzords were later overpowered by Rito Revolto and a massive band of monsters, causing the Morphin Grid to overload and destroy the Zords, thus prompting the Rangers to seek out Ninjor and the Ninjazords.


  • Red Dragon - The Red Ranger's Zord. Capable of flight and transforming into a warrior mode. It uses its staff like rotor blades in combat, and is sometimes seen to ride the White Tigerzord. Forms the main body of the Megazord using the other Zords as armour of sorts..
  • Lion - The Black Ranger's Zord. Doesn't seem to have any weapons in the context of Power Rangers. Forms chest armour in Megazord mode.
  • Firebird - The Pink Ranger's Zord. Capable of creating energy tornadoes and sending them at its enemies. Forms the waist of the Megazord.
  • Unicorn - The Blue Ranger's Zord. Capable of launching boulders at its foes. Forms the Megazord's right leg.
  • Griffin - The Yellow Ranger's Zord. Can fire flaming rings or energy bolts at its foes. Forms the Megazord's left leg.