MmPu Timeman

Time Man in the "chibi" style of Mega Man: Powered Up!


Time Man as he appears in the Archie mega Man comics

Time Man is an experimental Robot Master designed by Dr. Thomas Light that appears as a boss in Mega Man: Powered Up!, a remake of the first Mega Man game exclusive to the PlayStation Portable. When Dr. Albert Wily stole the Robot Masters from Light's lab, he also took the design plans and incomplete chassis of Time Man and finished the robot himself. He is easily recognized by the clockface on his chest and the alarm bells on his head.

Time Man was intended to play an important role in time-travel experiments, though Dr. Wily's tinkering resulted in the birth of a new combat robot. He is obsessed with schedules and tends to look down on anyone who does not adhere to his timetables. In the Mega Man comics published by Archie, he and Oil Man first appear during the second story arc, Time Keeps Slipping. Though he seems to have the advantage over Mega Man to start with, he is eventually defeated and reprogrammed by Dr. Light as a friendly robot.


  • Time Arrow - A projectile attack that allows Time Man to fire laser blasts shaped like clock hands.
  • Time Slow - This function allows Time Man to reduce the flow of time within a certain radius. Mega Man can copy this power, but the effect does not last as long when he uses it. Supposedly, Dr. Wily based Flash Man's Time Stopper on Time Man's data.


Time Man's physical strength is average at best and he cannot endure too many hits from Guts Man's Super Arm or Bomb Man's Hyper Bomb. His main weakness is his vulnerability to the Thunder Beam which can fry Time Man's internal circuits.