Tomahawk Man (DWN-046) is one of the eight Robot Masters introduced in Mega Man 6. His design is based on that of a Native American warrior and he relies on solar energy to function. Unlike the other robots in Mega Man 6, Tomahawk Man was built specifically to be a combatant in the First Annual Robot Tournament. He met the same fate as the others, of course, being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily and later defeated by Mega Man.


  • Silver Tomahawk - Tomahawk Man's signature weapon. He can throw it with great accuracy and range, striking targets over 300 feet away. Mega Man is able to copy this attack.
  • Feather Dart - Tomahawk Man can also fire the feathers from his headdress to skewer his foes.


  • Plant Barrier - The condensed energy of the Plant Barrier can wreak havoc on Tomahawk Man's power systems.