Trailbreaker is an Autobot defensive strategist who is well-liked by his peers. He's an unofficial morale officer, keeping his comrades' spirits up with his good humour and positive attitude. However, this is a cover for Trailbreaker's low self-esteem. He's one of the slowest of the Autobots yet he also consumes the most fuel, leading him to feel like he's wasting resources that could be put to better use. The other Autobots know better though and regard Trailbreaker as an invaluable asset to the Autobot forces.


  • Alternate Mode - Trailbreaker transforms into a Toyota Hilux 4x4. On Cybertron, he would change into an armoured truck.
  • Radio Jammer - Trailbreaker can send out signals on 64 different frequencies simultaneously to disrupt Decepticon communications and jamming attempts.
  • Forcefield Generator - Trailbreaker can generate impenetrable barriers to defend himself and all allies within 30 feet of him. He can also use his field projector to fire concussive blasts or surpress and extinguish fires.