Tri-Sentinel (Earth-616) 0004

The Tri-Sentinel is a one-of-a-kind Sentinel robot constructed from the combined parts of three other types of Sentinels. It is roughly humanoid in shape, with six arms and three faces fused on to one head. The Tri-Sentinel was created by villainous Asgardian god Loki and was sent to attack the super-hero Spider-Man, who - at the time - possessed the power of interstellar hero Captain Universe. Spider-Man easily defeated the Tri-Sentinel, but it would attack again some time later after Spidey returned to normal. Using a piece of Antarctic Vibranium, Spider-Man and fellow hero Nova melted the Tri-Sentinel's head, destroying it forever.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Energy Weapons - Possessed the same beam weapons as the component Sentinels it is comprised of.
  • Flight - Flies using rockets installed in its legs.
  • Tear Gas - Uses gas streams to incapacitate targets.
  • Shields - Energy shields protect it from various attacks.
  • Internal Defenses - Can repel enemies inside its chassis by firing internal components.
  • Magical Defense - Can magically override technological backup self-destruction devices.