Tripredacus Council

The Tripredacus Council is one of the many ruling bodies of the fractured Predacon Alliance. They meet in secret in undisclosed locations, and plot the return of the Predacons to glory, though under their terms. They choose to wait and grow strong before attacking...

Many Predacons are impatient, and their strategy has led to some rogue behaviour among the Predacon ranks. To neutralise the rogues and (in public) keep the Pax Cybertronia, the Council uses the Predacon Secret Police and its Covert Agents.

One of their agents, Tarantulas, suggests that, like himself and unlike the rest of the Predacons, the Tripredacus Council are not descended from the Decepticons trapped on Earth. Instead, they may have extradimensional origins, be linked to the Cybertronian Empire, or may be, in fact, creations of Unicron himself...

The three members of the Tripredacus Council are:

They can combine to form Tripredacus or, along with Tarantulas and RavagePredacus.

Their known affiliates and agents include:

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