Ultimo (robot)

"REJOICE! I AM ULTIMO, THY DELIVERER!" - Ultimo, Iron Man Animated Series

Ultimo is a colossal alien robot from the Marvel Comics universe. It was created by an unknown alien species thousands of years ago and is believed to be responsible for its own creator race's extinction, after which it took to the stars and attacked various other planets, wiping out their populations. It would eventually crash-land on the planet Earth, remaining buried inside a dormant volcano for at least a century before being unearthed by would-be conquerer, the Mandarin.

Ultimo has threatened the world on many occasions, whether or not under Mandarin's control. It has come into conflict with several superheroes, most notably Iron Man. Its destructive power is immense, capable of absorbing different forms of energy and using that energy to charge its weapons or increase its size and mass. There is virtually nothing that can destroy it permanently, though Iron Man and other heroes have been able to shut Ultimo down on plenty of occasions and leave it lying dormant.


  • Energy Absorption - Ultimo absorbs thermal energy and radiation to keep itself functional.
  • Regeneration - Ultimo can self-repair any damage it sustains.
  • Beam Weapons - Ultimo can fire concussive blasts or disentegration rays that can vaporize several tons of solid rock in one blast.
  • Size/Mass Manipulation - When it was first discovered on Earth, Ultimo was 25 feet tall. However, continued energy absorption has allowed it to increase its size to roughly 100 feet tall with its density increasing as it grows.