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Ultron is perhaps the most powerful robot in the Marvel Comics universe. A revolutionary artificial intelligence created by reknowned scientist Dr. Henry Pym, Ultron quickly developed sentience and rebelled against its maker. Since then, it has become a deadly threat to humanity and a regular opponent to the Avengers.


Ultron was created by Henry Pym (also known as Ant-Man/Giant-Man of the Avengers), who was experimenting with high-intelligence robotics at the time. Quickly achieving self-awareness, Ultron betrayed its creator and brainwashed him, tampering with Pym's memory so that he would forget ever creating Ultron in the first place. Immediately after abandoning its creator, Ultron went about upgrading itself, enhancing its intellect and building new bodies to inhabit. The maniacal AI later donned the alias of the Crimson Cowl and organised the second incarnation of the supervillain group, the Masters of Evil. The Masters battled against the Avengers and were defeated, with Ultron's identity being revealed. Since this first engagement, it has preferred to work alone. Its hatred for humanity has grown as such that it refuses to work with any human for any length of time, preferring to create its own robotic servants to suit its needs. Ultron has also inadvertantly created some of its worst enemies: the Vision and Jocasta, who have joined the Avengers. Ultron has been destroyed several times over the years but always manages to return even more powerful than before. Its powers vary across its different incarnations but its goals remain the same: to conquer the world by wiping out humanity and replacing them with robotic life-forms.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Superior Strength - Capable of lifting 100+ tons.
  • Superior Speed - Can outrun the finest human athletes.
  • Adamantium Armour - Ultron's outer plating is normally made from adamantium, which is mostly indestructible. It can withstand concussive blasts and even a 100 megaton atomic explosion.
  • Flight
  • Beam Weapons - Armed with lasers, concussive blasters, radioactive rays and tractor beams that alter gravity in localized areas.
  • Energy Absorption - Can convert electromagnetic energy into electrical energy for storage or immediate use.
  • Encephalo Beam - Induces a death-like comatose state in victims and allows Ultron to implant hypnotic commands or outright control subjects like puppets.
  • Program Transmitter - Allows Ultron to control other machines or transfer its core program into new bodies.
  • Molecular Rearranger - This device allows Ultron to make its adamantium components temporarily more malleable so that it can alter its body structure. While it is an impressively powerful tool, it is also Ultron's greatest weakness.