716px-CIS Vulture droid

Vulture droid in flight mode

Vulture-class starfighters are a type of variable-geometry self-propelled battle droid from the Star Wars universe. They were originally created for the Trade Federation by a race of engineers called the Xi Charrians. They first appeared in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and were kept in circulation during The Clone Wars era until the Trade Federation collapsed following the establishment of the Galactic Empire.

Vulture droids have two modes of mobility: flight mode and walker mode. In flight mode, they are among the most elegant and maneuverable droid aerospace craft available. In walker mode, their wings reconfigure into legs and they are often used in zero or low gravity environments, such as in space protecting possible weak points on a cruiser's exterior hull. The Vultures are frequently deployed in swarms to overwhelm enemy fighters. They are armed with two blaster cannons on each wing and two torpedo launchers on their bodies. Since their wings are pointed down when used as legs, they cannot use their blasters in walker mode. Vulture droids can also be fitted with various types of missiles, such as discord missiles that release swarms of buzz droids on to enemy fighters.