Wheeljack is regarded as something of a mad scientist among the Autobots. He serves as the group's science and engineering expert and often comes up with ideas for new gadgets and weaponry to use against the Decepticons. Unfortunately, half the devices he invents tend to blow up in his face and make quite a mess, but there are as many occasions as well when his inventions, no matter how half-baked, really give the Autobots an advantage.


  • Vehicle Modes - On Earth, Wheeljack transforms into a Porsche 962. His Cybertronian vehicle mode is a very box-ish hover-van. His driving skills are unmatched and he can pull off stunts that would make Hollywood stunt drivers hang their heads in shame.
  • Flight - In robot mode, Wheeljack can fly using the solid-fuel rockets in his arms, allowing him to achieve aerial velocities of 320 mph with a range of 800 miles.
  • Shoulder Cannons - Wheeljack's primary weapon. It can fire various types of shells, such as mortar or incendiary. Wheeljack is frequently designing new types of projectiles to use, with each new design seemingly more outlandish than the last.