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Wild Sentinel

Wild Sentinels are a breed of Sentinel robots created by the Master Mold under the orders of Donald Trask III and mutant villain Cassandra Nova. Master Mold was programmed to scavenge any hardware within its test radius and reconfigure the salvaged technology to build new Sentinels. The Wild Sentinels had no standard configuration and were not based on the previous humanoid Sentinel models. Two noteworthy models include a Sentinel built from helicopter parts and one that appeared to be three Sentinel heads fused together. After completing four of these new Sentinels, Trask was killed by Master Mold and his DNA was duplicated. Two of the Wilds were despatched to attack Genosha and wiped out almost all of the population before being brought down. The three-headed attacker was turned into a memorial for the presumably-dead Magneto, whilst the other was never seen again.