Wind Man (DWN-047) is a Robot Master from Mega Man 6. He was created by a Chinese competitor in the First Annual Robot Tournament but was stolen by Dr. Wily (masquerading as a billionaire called Mr. X) and reprogrammed to help him with his plans for world domination. Wind Man was initially designed for agricultural purposes, aiding with crop harvesting. Apparently he and Air Man are fierce rivals.


  • Hover Jets - The jets in Wind Man's feet allow him to move faster and to hover above his opponent. He will cut his engines above his foe and try to destroy them by crashing down on them with his full weight.
  • Wind Storm - Wind Man's shoulder fans can produce winds of up to 200 mph and can generate mini-tornadoes that move across the ground and throw enemies up into the air. Mega Man can copy this ability.


  • Centaur Flash - Wind Man is vulnerable to the space-distorting effect of Centaur Man's main weapon.