Wood Man (DWN-016) is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily and one of the eight selectable bosses from Mega Man 2. His design is rather unorthodox, his body is - as his name might suggest - made primarily from wood. This allows Wood Man a high level of resilience against physical blows and great strength, but also makes him vulnerable to fire and cutting weapons. Despite those flaws, Dr. Wily is rather proud of his accomplishment with Wood Man's unique design, something that not even his rival Dr. Light has managed to duplicate. It is rumoured, however, that Wood Man's parts will rot over time unless laminated or otherwise treated, meaning he would require replacement parts on a regular basis.


  • Leaf Shield - Wood Man surrounds his body with a number of ceramic titanium leaves that deflect buster shots. He can throw this circle of leaves at enemies to tear them to shreds. Mega Man can copy this ability.
  • Leaf Rain - Wood Man summons his leaves to fall down from above and damage his foes. When used in tandem with the Leaf Shield, it is difficult to avoid getting hit by either attack.


  • Atomic Fire - Wood Man is naturally weak against flame. A fully charged blast of Heat Man's weapon can obliterate Wood Man in one shot.
  • Air Shooter - Wood Man can take massive damage from Air Man's weapon.
  • Metal Blade - Metal Man's saws can swiftly cut through Wood Man's bark chassis.